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Old laptop from 1997 (specs: Pentium 166 MHz / 96MB RAM, 1.6GB hdd, really, haha!). Previous uptime, and probably the longest one, was 1475 days (that's 4+years!) from Aug/23/2006 to Sep/06/2010, when - ironically - it had to be forced-crashed and restarted due to K-Meleon browser error that froze/made Windows completely unresponsive. UPDATE 2010-12-09 Unfortunately laptop fall down, broke, and is no more... THIS IS IT. RIP. This was my most stable Windows-based machine I ever had, and it really was used daily as my bed-side web-radio, alarm clock, music player and morning mail checker.

3 Hours 16 Minutes

Windows NT 4.0 SP6a

Intel Pentium(R)



1 Years 94 Days 7 Hours 11 Minutes

1 Years 89 Days 2 Hours 42 Minutes

57 Days 9 Hours 53 Minutes

4 Minutes

Thu Oct 28 07:56:06 +0000 2010

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